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Anasai pazha, juice,

Pineapple Smoothie

Pineapple smoothie with a secret ingredient, giving its best taste to blend with the fruits. Its none other than the Ginger. A digestive enhancer good during summer season as indigestion is a common issue. Pineapple is a coolant, Beat the heat and

Beans Fry

An offbeat from the regular Paruppu Usili recipes. Usili is roughly translated to steamed lentils. Usually lentils are soaked, crushed, steamed, fried and mixed with the vegetables and of course Oil takes a major role. I learnt the authentic type of

thakalai thokku

Tomato Pickle

This is a traditional recipe passed down to me from my grandma. During the tomato season its more or less a customary to prepare tomato thokku at home. I relish on this thokku and always takes a place in plate for any meal right from rice, chapati