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Soya Teasel Gourd Curry

A Kuzhambu style gravy with Soya Chunks and Teasel Gourd. One pot recipe which goes well with rice and chapathi. The Teasel gourds are slow cooked with fresh ground ingredients. The ingredients take their time to suffuse into gourds making the

Soya Bean Kofta Curry

Koftas are usually preapred with potatoes as the base ingredient. Soya bean koftas – Koftas aren’t done with soyabeans or soyabean flour. Soyabeans, a well known beans for its healthy reasons and also good for people allergic to

Paruppu Kootu

Okra Curry

When I was a in my primary school, my teacher used to advise us to take Ladyfinger in our diet saying it improves memory power. Though the sticky nature of ladyfingers makes me to move away from the vegetable, my mother found a way of including okra