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Indian Kids Lunch Box -Index

Preparing lunch for kids is the most toughest job on earth for a mother  and takes hours together to settle on to the final menu. It is easy to prepare a single meal but it may not be interesting for the kids to eat a lunch with only one main and side dish.

In this kids lunch box series, I have tried to incorporate 4 to 6 dishes for a single meal. It may sound tiresome for a mother to prepare variety  for a single meal. But trust me,if everything is planned beforehand, executing the next day will never leave you tired, in fact you will be enjoying the cooking process and on to the top you will be ecstatic when you see your kid’s lunch box without any left overs.

To start with, I would like to share my experience about the little step I took for a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend to at least follow the below  tips while preparing meals for children.

  1. Oil – Use Gingelly/Sesame Oil for tempering, Peanut oil for frying,  coconut oil and ghee for drizzling on the dish at the last stage of cooking.
  2. Sugar – Replace white sugar with Palm jaggery/sugar, coconut sugar, brown cane sugar in preparing sweet dishes,  though white sugar can get into the sweets once in a blue moon.
  3. Utensil – Use Iron wok for making poriyals, keeping  the non stick utensils at distant.
  4. Flour – Replace white plain flour with whole wheat flour, millet flour.
  5.  Store flax seeds meal, oats, soyabean flour and chia seeds in small quantities to add into the regular recipes for a  healthy meal.
  6. Noodles– It is not possible to avoid pastas, noodles, loads of cheese in the menu still they can get into the lunch box once in a while.
  7. Bread – Use whole wheat bread instead of white bread.
  8. Sauces – Use home made tomato sauce and jam using palm jaggery/coconut sugar. Will be adding the recipe soon
  9. Salt – Use sea salt and mineral salt.                                                                                                                                        If using mineral salt, reduce the quantity and add later if needed.
  10. Tiffin Box : Pack food in stainless steel container  instead of plastic containers.
Disclaimer : The lunch box recipes in this site are intended to serve as a guidance and 
not stated that this is a balanced diet with nutrition and calories calculated for daily 
intake. My goal is to present a hassle free cooking method for mothers on a healthy note.

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