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I am Vinns, Author of this blog. I am well known by my hypocoristic name and remain online with the same.

Is it customary for a food blogger to elaborate the educational qualifications, the start of the cooking journey, family details and the reason behind the site ? Well, long story short – An Engineer by profession and living away from home country with my small family. I am a good cook, a native of Pondicherry and documenting my culinary skills.

Recipes in this site have my native’s delicacies along with my family and Vinn’s innovative dishes. Other recipes are inspired mostly from books and my friends. I do tweak the inspired recipes which tempt me to take an attempt, still my own innovation do have a major part in the final recipe. The recipes here are unique in its way.

If you have tried out my dishes, You are most welcome to share your feedback with me.

The content and photos in this site are my own work and copyrighted. If you feel to share or reproduce my works, Do have a word with me, Sure I will be glad to share my work with everyone. And will be pleased if a back link is given to my site.
Thanks for visiting my site.
And do keep visiting for new recipes
With Love