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Pori Arisi Urundai – Sweet Rice Balls

Rekindling my childhood memories with snacks which welcomed me after a tiring school session. My mother made it a point to fill my tummy with nutritious and healthy diet especially for evening snacks. I grew up before to the globisation era, the oil dunked chips weren’t a national snack then, …

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“Janmaastami Wishes” Festival Occasions are always a memory down lane to me, especially leads to my primary school days, where I still long to travel if I am bestowed with a time machine. The inevitable naughty and innocent acts, a part of childhood which I feel, I had the chance …

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Banana Roti Jalan

Banana Roti Jalan stuffed with vegetables. A fusion of Malay and Chinese recipe. Roti Jalan being a Malay version while the vegetables stuffed inside are stir fried with soy sauces as done in Chinese culinary . Roti Jalan do have variations with addition and deletion of an ingredient. Here I …

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Thamarai Thandu Bajji || Lotus Root Fritters

Lotus Stem Bajji. A new try which worked out and made a grand entry into our evening snack list. I tried sandwiching crunchy lotus stem and onion in bajji batter. Normally Lotus root are either used in salads or cooked in a gravy, But I experimented to create a snack, …

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