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Dry Fruits Lamingtons


Dry Fruits Lamingtons

Follow this link for video recipe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnOP-p4n2d4

Lamingtons are Australian delicacy with cake squares being dipped into melted chocolate then rolled with coconut. With the same method, I have recreated lamingtons with dried fruits.  A healthy snack and can be termed as “No Sugar” recipe.

Sure this recipe will be a hit among kids as the sweetness of dried fruits and splash of chocolate will readily  entertain the  sweet tooth.  A simple recipe with dates, raspberries and figs. I have included figs as a replacement to poppy seeds for the crunchy bite. I fell love with this lamingtons.  Try this recipe for the coming School holidays.

Preparation Time : 40 Minutes

Cooking Time : 15 Minutes


2/3 Cup Roughly chopped pitted Dates

1/3 Cup Chopped Figs

1/4 Cup Dried Raspberries

1/3 Cup chopped Milk or Dark Chocolate

2 tbsp Desiccated coconut


1. In a microwave proof bowl add dates and microwave for 15 seconds, by now the dates should be soft.

2. Transfer to a mixie jar and grind it.

3. Transfer the dates to a mixing bowl add figs, raspberries and mix together.

4. Transfer the dry

fruits mixture onto a butter paper. Using palms and fingers roll the mixture to form into a      cuboid . Initially the mixture will be bit sticky so roll on a butter paper.

5. Cut  it into equal portions and use fingers to shape squares.

6. In a bowl add chocolate and melt over gently simmering hot water.

7. Insert a wooden fruit skewer at the centre of the dried fruit square and dip into the melted chocolate and roll around to coat completely.

8. Tap the skewer gently onto the edge of the bowl to  remove the excess chocolate.

9. Now coat the chocolate coated square with desiccated coconut.  Place it on a tray and remove the skewer.

10. Dip the remaining squares into chocolate and coconut as mentioned above.

11.  Refrigerate the dried fruits lamingtons for 30 minutes to get a firm chocolate layer.


You may replace the outer milk chocolate layer with dark chocolate which would then be tagged to “No Sugar” recipe 🙂

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