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Sweets are a inevitable dish in Indian Culinary and much liked by the Indians. Irrespective of the region, festivals and occasions are celebrated with sweets.

Orange Ladoos || Diwali Sweet ||

ladoo, diwali, sweets

Orange Ladoos, does it sound strange.. My innovative way of cooking didn’t stop me from experimenting in sweets. The laddoos are soaked in orange juice to sense the tint of the tangy orange. I liked the taste a lot but my taste buds were bit bewildered to judge. To me it …

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Dry Fruits Lamingtons

  Dry Fruits Lamingtons Follow this link for video recipe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnOP-p4n2d4 Lamingtons are Australian delicacy with cake squares being dipped into melted chocolate then rolled with coconut. With the same method, I have recreated lamingtons with dried fruits.  A healthy snack and can be termed as “No Sugar” recipe. Sure this …

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Boondi Burfi with Khoa

Diwali Wishes A sweet recipe for this diwali. Boondhi Burfi a twist to ladoo. Laddoo a ready made sweet at home 🙂 My mother usually prepares it whenever she feels to make a sweet and I took over the family tradition of making ladoos for no reason. Ladoo is the …

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Oats Pradhaman – Oats Payasam Kheer

Onam Wishes Onam Sadhya never completes without a Payasam. Though there are many varieties of Payasam for festivals, here I am with a payasam where Oats as the main ingredient. As of now, Oats has entered into the Indian culinary and got desi versions of it. And Oats is not …

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Palapazha Kozhukattai – Jackfruit Mothak

Ganesh/Pillaiyar Chathurthi – The main dish, the Kozhukattai/Mothak, my favourite 🙂 I feast on Kozhukattai and all nears and dears know about my love for Kozhukattai. A variety of kozhukattais get packed to our home on Pillaiyar Chathurthi 🙂 Who don’t love kozhukattai, for a change prepare palpazha kozhukattai for …

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Chakka Varati – Jackfruit Sweet Halwa-Mix

Chakki Varati- Jackfruit Halwa, which is traditionally done in Kerala and has an elaborate cooking method. It takes time and laborious work to make halwa as constant stirring is needed to avoid burning at the bottom of the pan. A simplified version for making the mix which serves as a …

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Khoa Puri

Khoa Puri is mostly done during festive season, but can be served for brunch or as an evening snack too, well, who doesn’t like sweets. A Sweet Crunchy Puri stuffed with khoa and almonds, providing a lip smacking snack for sweet tooth 🙂 Servings : 4 Preparation Time : 10 …

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Rava Payasam – Sooji Kheer

paysam, kheer, rava

Rava payasam or sooji payasam. A common payasam/Kheer in Indian homes. The recipe name differs, but the basic ingredients remains the same. My mother hasn’t prepared Rava Payasam much as Paruppu Payasam remains our family’s favourite and we opt for it against any other payasam. There is a reason behind …

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Illaneer Payasam || Tender Coconut Dessert

Tender coconut Kheer/Payasam. A Healthy dessert for the summer. No need for an introduction about the benefits of the main ingredient, as it is known for its coolant nature. Give a try and treat your family with a delicious dessert. I have tweaked my mother’s recipe with addition of two …

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