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Sweets are a inevitable dish in Indian Culinary and much liked by the Indians. Irrespective of the region, festivals and occasions are celebrated with sweets.

Mahasivarathiri Neivedhiyam || MahaShivrathri Offering


Mahasivaratri is for Lord Shiva or Night of Shiva, According to Hindu Mythology he is considered as the God of Gods and one of three major deities of Hinduism. All festivals in Hinduisim is celebrated during day, the one only festival celebrated during the night is Mahasivaratri, a night vigil …

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Carrot Halwa || Carrot Pudding || Gajar halva

khajar, kajar ka halwa

Any Guess!!!! Its Carrot halwa in disguise 🙂 I always feel the carrot halwa just slips through without much triturate, unless the cashews show their presence. For this display I have used Khoa/Mawa as the filling. After halwa reached the room temperature, I placed the halwa in refrigerator for 3 …

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Sesame Chikki,Ellu burfi, Indian Tahini Halwa


Holi Special!!! An Indian version of Tahini Halwa The original recipe calls for Honey, Olive Oil and Vanilla but I have replaced with our own Sugar, Ghee and cardamom combination !!! Tahini is Sesame mix, Sesame seeds are crushed with olive oil and used in cooking especially in the Middle …

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