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Boondi Burfi with Khoa

Diwali Wishes

A sweet recipe for this diwali. Boondhi Burfi a twist to ladoo. Laddoo a ready made sweet at home 🙂 My mother usually prepares it whenever she feels to make a sweet and I took over the family tradition of making ladoos for no reason. Ladoo is the first sweet I prepare for any occasion and given demo to my friends before to the online era.. After the demo, the first comment was “Oh how easy is this! ” And to till date I’m been called as Ladoo Aunty by my friend’s kids 🙂

This burfi is akin to ladoo except for the shape and stuffing which gets layered in between.
The recipe is as follow.
1.5 Cups of Bengal gram flour/ Besan
1 Cup Unsweetened Khoya
1.5 Cups of Sugar
7 Cardamons
pinch of salt
pinch of Orange
Oil for Frying
1. Sieve the gram flour and transfer to a mixing bowl. Add a pinch of salt.
2.Add coloring agent, orange or yellow and dry mix. Add water to a batter consistency. Don’t mind about the consistency as the size of the boondis doesn’t matter for this recipe. Even tailed or flat ones are fine for this sweet.
3. The first images shows the batter consistency. Ladles used for making boondhis are shown in the second image, the first ladles for making boondhis and next set to collect the fried ones from the oil.
4. Making of sugar syrup – In a pan add the sugar, equal quantity of water and allow it to boil.
5. After 3 to 4 minutes of boiling the syrup will get to sticky consistency and that’s the consistency needed for this recipe.
6.Heat oil in a kadai for frying boondhis. To check the perfect heat, just pour a drop of batter into the oil, the drop should bounce immediately to the top. Now with the perforated ladle on the top of the oil, add the batter with a soup ladle and allow it to pass through the holes by making circle movement on the perforated ladle. The dropping droplets will form into round balls. Stir the boondhis and when the bubbles subside, its time to remove from oil. Strain the excess oil and transfer to the sugar syrup. Reduce the flame to low as it takes some time for the next batch to get into the oil as the fried boondhis have to get into syrup. You can finish up the frying of boondhis in a single shot and later add to syrup. If the hot boondhis are added immediately to the hot syrup, boondhis will be soft.
7.Add boondhis to the syrup, stir so that the boondhis are coated with syrup and then transfer to another bowl.
8. Transfer the sugar soaked boondhis in a blending jar and pulse for 4 to 5 times, so that the gets to a smooth mixture.
9.Powder the cardamons with a some sugar,add to the blended boondhis and mix it.
Khoya – The khoya should be soft so that it can be spread easily, if not heat in a tawa for couples of minutes
10. Divide the boondhi mixture into two equal parts.
11. In a tray, either brush with ghee or place parchment paper as the lining, then add the first part of the boondhi mixture and press gently for a firm layer. Then add khoa and again press firmly. On the top of khoya you may add any nuts for a crunchy bite.
12. With the second portion, cover the khoya and press firmly. Cut into square pieces. Decorate with silver paper or nuts on the top.
Note :
1.Khoya can be replaced with sweetened khoa, If so decrease the sugar quantity in the recipe.
2.If you have Paalkova at home, use it, it will taste better, as mentioned above decrease the sugar quantity for making syrup.
3. Consume within couple of days.
4. If you want a very soft burfi, boil the sugar syrup while adding the boondhis, allow it to boil for 20 seconds and then remove from the syrup.

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