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Mango Smoothie || Mambala smoothie

Mango season, its not fair if mango isn’t tasted during the season πŸ˜€ . I love Mangoes, who don’t on this earth. My hubby who likes to have banana, the only term for fruit according to his dictionary. After our marriage, it was a tough job indeed to introduce the FRUITS in our diet. Right from Watermelon to Durian, Though Durian was not palatable to him. I like to taste and consume any fruit which is edible. I eat and like to have Durians once in a while especially during the season. Now I have started making smoothies and shakes with the available seasonal fruits for my little Princess, who loves fruits, Thank Goodness she has inherited my gene πŸ™‚
Mango has always been one of my favourite fruits. I had loads of mangoes during my summer vacation stay at my grandma’s home, a small town in the outskirts of Trichy, where my Grandfather was working then. I pre plan my visit before the start of my annual exams as it was much fun to spend my days there though, I didn’t have much playmates to play with. The only attraction for me was the river Cauvery, which flowed in small streams all through the whole stretch in traverse direction. It was a ritual for me to bath in river during the stay. It was my father’s duty to take me to river, if he couldn’t then it wasn’t his day then, πŸ˜€ . We used get into the middle of the river where the crystal clear water flowed and was very shallow. My father and I used to dig a small pit in the stream so as to get the maximum water cleansing us around. The play didn’t have a full stop, the next was fishing in the river, The small fish were my target, before fishing it was a must to have a small pit dug on the sides of the stream with water so that the caught fish were stored in the temporary storage tanks πŸ™‚ With a piece of cloth we did the fishing and transferred to the storage tanks. To till date that was the best play I enjoyed πŸ™‚ After stacking shoal in the tank πŸ™‚ , a small channel was created connecting with the stream paving a way for the fish get into their home. And mangoes were the next in the list. Vendors sell mangoes carrying baskets on their head make their presence with their high decibel voices. The local produce was tasty and free from chemicals. Gone are those carefree days, where hygiene was the only concern not the adulteration of food. Now its the vice versa.

In this recipe, Mango induces body heat to sore up to overcome its a must to add a coolant as an antedote πŸ™‚ . I have added yogurt to subside the production internal heat.
A simple and nutritious fruit smoothie for the kids enjoying the school vacation smile πŸ™‚

Mango Smoothie
Servings : 2
Time : 10 Minutes
1 Ripe Mango
ΒΌ Cup Fresh Yoghurt
7 Almonds
15 Raisins
1 tbsp Honey
1. Soak Almonds and Raisins. Peel the skin of the almonds and grind to a smooth paste along with the raisins.
2. In a Blender, add sliced mango, yoghurt and Honey and blend to a smooth mixture and at the last add the almond & Raisin paste and give a pulse.
3. Serve chilled.
Adjust the sweetness by adding honey to your kid’s preference
Use the water used for soaking almonds and raisins.

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