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Pineapple Smoothie

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Pineapple smoothie with a secret ingredient, giving its best taste to blend with the fruits. Its none other than the Ginger. A digestive enhancer good during summer season as indigestion is a common issue. Pineapple is a coolant, Beat the heat and Enjoy!!!
In Ayurvedha summer season is called as Pitta Season, where the body compensates the external heat by keeping itself cool thereby slowing down the digestion process. And precaution is to be taken not to overload the stomach with heavy foods, its good to have fluids with cooling nature.

Again in winter the system reverses. The outer chill temperature is balanced by heat produced inside our body, thus making the digestion picking up its momentum to generate enough heat inside the body by metabolic process and giving the calories to the body. So in Winter our body needs more food for production of energy to balance the heat difference in the atmosphere with respect to the body. And more food intake is recommended during Winter.

Pineapple is a fruit which has a coolant nature. It cools down the body and thus good for health during summer season. Pineapples do come in many varieties to the market. It is bit tricky to pick up the sweetest pineapple. The smell of the the Pineapple do tells the tale hidden behind the thin and spiky skin. The ripe pineapple which have a mellow smell have the sweetness within the fruit.
Some tips to buy a ripe and sweet pineapple.
1. The Pineapples do have a bright yellow orangy colour when its fully ripe.
2. Don’t buy the green Pineapple. It may not be the sweetest.
3. Look for the leaves, it should be green and well intact.
4. The skin should be firm and not too spongy, the juices shouldn’t ooze out when you touch it’s
5. It should have a mellow smell rather than an fermented or sour smell.
6. Don’t buy the pineapples with wrinkled skin as they might be too old.
7. Buy a big size Pineapple, as the outer rigid skin needs to be removed to consume the inner
fruit. Choose a fruit which may yield a good amount of edible part…

PineApple Smoothie
Servings : 2
Time : 15 Minutes
2 Cups of Pineapple pieces
1” Ginger
3 Dates
¼ Cup yogurt
¼ Cup Mango Puree
5 Cashew nuts



1. Remove the outer rough skin of the pineapple. Trim off the the nodes too. Cut the pineapple into small cubes so that it gets blended totally.

2. In a blender add Pineapple pieces, ginger, dates and blend to a smooth consistency.

3. Transfer the puree into a bowl and add yogurt and give a swirl.

4. Now presentation time. In a serving glass, first add Pineapple puree and alternatively add mango puree and complete the filling process.

5. On to the top add crushed cashewnuts.

If you are using frozen pineapples, do thaw them before blending. You use canned pineapples for this smoothie. But it tastes good if the smoothie is prepared with Fresh Fruit.
I have included Mango in this recipe. Use sweet mango, like alponsa, I have used Thai honey Mango.

Anasai pazha, juice,

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