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Vellarikkai Pachadi || Simple and easy Cucumber Salad

Usually salads have cucumber as one of the ingredients, but in this recipe cucumber is the base of this dish. Again from my friend’s kitchen. I haven’t done this type of raitha. I add yogurt for the raithas, where onion, cucumber and capsicum make a combination to the variety rice. It;s the tamarind taking the role of yogurt and adding the taste to the dish.

Variety Rice is always served with an accompaniment,either a yogurt based salad or a fried vegetable accompanies the menu. This raitha doesn’t include yogurt in the list, If needed onions, red cabbage, blanched capsicum can be added for a contrast colour and taste.
This Raitha can be served with any variety rice, a best combination with Coriander rice. Usually Raitha’s are prepared with yogurt, but the ingredients in this recipe adds the spicy sour taste to the accompaniment.

Here is the recipe for the Coriander Rice recipe.

Cucumber Raitha
Servings : 2
Time : 10 Minutes
1 cup Cucumber
1tsp Bengal gram
1tsp Urad dhal
2 Whole Dry Red Chillies
A Small goose berry size Tamarind.
½ tsp oil
1. Dice/Grate Cucumber to your choice.
2. In a kadai add oil, first roast tamarind and chilies and remove from pan,. Next in the same pan add Bengal gram, urad dhal. Roast and keep aside the roasted ingedients till it touches the room temperature
3. In a blender add all the roasted ingredients and grind to a coarse powder.
4. Now mix the cucumber pieces with salt and ground powder.
5. Serve with pulav, coriander rice or chappathi.

Add the powder at the time of serving for a crunchy bite , if not the moisture in the cucumber will soak the dhal giving a chewy texture. I have cut the cucumber into cube shapes, you can grate the cucumber or cut into small pieces. Yogurt can be added to this recipe, but only point to be minded is that the ingredients should be added before serving.

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