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Okra Gravy

Vendaikai/Okra Aviyal A Curry done in aviyal syle without adding yoghurt, still has the taste and flavor of the authentically made Aviyal. Okra cooked in a spicy mixture along with coconut creating a smooth creamy gravy making

Cucumber Salad

Usually salads have cucumber as one of the ingredients, but in this recipe cucumber is the base of this dish. Again from my friend’s kitchen. I haven’t done this type of raitha. I add yogurt for the raithas, where onion, cucumber and capsicum

Keerai Thogaiyal

Spinach Mash

Keerai Thogaiyal – Sounds strange right?? Well an easy and yummy recipe to relish your taste buds. The base ingredient is greens, either you can use spinach or amaranth. I do like to add greens in my daily diet. I prepare as gravy or dry

vazhakkai, plantain

Raw Banana Fry

A stir fry with Raw Banana. This needs less oil and the ingredients enhance the taste. There are many varieties of banana or plantain. And in Tamilnadu raw banana recipe particularly denotes to Monthan varieity. Bajjis, curries, side dishes are

Senai Kizhangu kootu

Yam Curry

Elephant Foot Yam, Senai kizhangu as it is know in Tamil are usually fried and served as an accompaniment to the main course Or Karakulambu is done. My mother shallow fries the yam after boiling and dipping in a masala mix. That tastes yummy. This