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Chakka Varati – Jackfruit Sweet Halwa-Mix

Chakki Varati- Jackfruit Halwa, which is traditionally done in Kerala and has an elaborate cooking method. It takes time and laborious work to make halwa as constant stirring is needed to avoid burning at the bottom of the pan. A simplified version for making the mix which serves as a …

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Fried Rice – Mor Milagai Satham

Please follow this link for Video for this recipe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGlZrmX65Yk Fried Rice – Is it meant for Chinese or Thailand recipes to have the tag of Fried Rice, We Indians, do have our versions too !! Right. Actually, I should have named this recipe as Mor Milagai Satha/Rice 🙂 The …

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“Janmaastami Wishes” Festival Occasions are always a memory down lane to me, especially leads to my primary school days, where I still long to travel if I am bestowed with a time machine. The inevitable naughty and innocent acts, a part of childhood which I feel, I had the chance …

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Paal Pagarkkai Soya Kuzhambu || Soya Teasel Gourd Curry

A Kuzhambu style gravy with Soya Chunks and Teasel Gourd. One pot recipe which goes well with rice and chapathi. The Teasel gourds are slow cooked with fresh ground ingredients. The ingredients take their time to suffuse into gourds making the dish scrumptious. Though the ingredient list seem to be …

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Khoa Puri

Khoa Puri is mostly done during festive season, but can be served for brunch or as an evening snack too, well, who doesn’t like sweets. A Sweet Crunchy Puri stuffed with khoa and almonds, providing a lip smacking snack for sweet tooth 🙂 Servings : 4 Preparation Time : 10 …

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Banana Roti Jalan

Banana Roti Jalan stuffed with vegetables. A fusion of Malay and Chinese recipe. Roti Jalan being a Malay version while the vegetables stuffed inside are stir fried with soy sauces as done in Chinese culinary . Roti Jalan do have variations with addition and deletion of an ingredient. Here I …

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Rava Payasam – Sooji Kheer

paysam, kheer, rava

Rava payasam or sooji payasam. A common payasam/Kheer in Indian homes. The recipe name differs, but the basic ingredients remains the same. My mother hasn’t prepared Rava Payasam much as Paruppu Payasam remains our family’s favourite and we opt for it against any other payasam. There is a reason behind …

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Soya Urundai Kuzhambu || Soya Bean Kofta Curry

Koftas are usually preapred with potatoes as the base ingredient. Soya bean koftas – Koftas aren’t done with soyabeans or soyabean flour. Soyabeans, a well known beans for its healthy reasons and also good for people allergic to lactose. So anyone can consume soyabean in moderate measures. In South India …

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